Restaurant Digital Experience from Medallia captures the browsing, ordering, and confirmation process for orders placed on websites or apps, with any delivery type, as well as on in-restaurant kiosks or tablets.

它专为客户体验中最关键的数字接触点而设计:通过Web和移动应用程序,学习或订购过程以及后期确认过程支持。此外,餐厅数码体验提供了邀请客户在旅程中的任何时候提供反馈,运行A / B测试,或获取特定问题的答案。

Teams can recover guests who provide negative feedback or abandon their order and perform root cause analysis by tagging and categorizing digital issues.

When paired with Restaurant Location Experience, teams see a full view of the guest journey, route feedback across digital and store channels, and create compelling experiences that reduce risk amid industry disruption.

What’s Included:
Survey templates to guide feedback design at critical points in the digital restaurant journey
Ability to deploy feedback mechanisms through always-on, intercept, embedded, in-app, or Digital Anywhere methods, utilizing industry-leading targeting capabilities
Ability to customize forms to maximize customer usability, brand reflection, and response rates
Role-based reporting for the digital administrator and digital CX team, designed to surface insights and enable rapid issue categorization and follow-up
Alerts and workflows to auto-categorize high volumes of digital feedback
Support for Text Analytics, with pre-built digital and restaurant topic sets
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