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Inspired by MLK: Fighting Darkness with Light Through Social Impact


As we reflect as a company about why we exist and our mission, we are inspired by MLK, to listen, to understand and take action. Learn one way Medallia is doing this through Social Impact efforts.

马丁·路德·王JR.曾经说过,“黑暗无法驾驶黑暗;只有光可以这样做。仇恨不能厌恶仇恨;只有爱可以做到这一点。“正如我们发现自己消化,理解和分析到2021年1月6日发生的事件,MLK的话从来没有更真实。虽然我们坐下来处理,但可能会出现美国历史的时刻the 1921 Tulsa Oklahoma Massacre1898年的威尔明顿叛乱那and塞尔玛的血腥星期天那to name a few. History seemingly continues to repeat itself. Why? Because we cannot get to a place of light until we name and reconcile with the past and current darkness that is so deeply rooted in the foundation of the United States of America.



MLK为平等,人权和结束了美国黑人社区的剥夺,向那些声音扼杀,沉默和惩罚的人提供声音和权力。正如我们作为一家公司的反映为什么我们存在和我们的任务那we are inspired by MLK, to listen, to understand and take action. In honoring Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, we support nonprofits on the frontline of supporting Black communities –– through our product, thought leadership, and capital.

What we’ve done so far through social impact

我们赋予了我们的授权Employee Resource Groups(ERGS)以多种方式,一个是礼品匹配。我们的黑色在梅阿利亚(BAyobet体育官网M)ERG选择大学教育的基础(FCE)的非营利伙伴ERG礼物学习hing in 2019 and 2020. By engaging both students and parents in their work, FCE aims to create a community of learners who are armed with the right tools and information. BAM selected the foundation because they wanted to “support the great work FCE does in helping minority families attain higher education,” stated a BAM member.

继乔治弗洛伊德,布康纳泰勒和Ahmaud arbery的谋杀案之后,立即通过合作Bam,我们捐赠了20万美元equally divided among four nonprofits: Black Girls Code, Black Girl Ventures, Code2040, and Equal Justice Initiative.

In addition to the grant, we providedCrowdicity是一个帮助组织众多众多想法的工具,推动创新文化,增加员工参与,向黑人女孩的冒险。“We are excited to join forces with Medallia to continue to create access to social and financial capital for Black and Brown woman-identifying entrepreneurs. We look forward to taking idea collaboration to the next level through their Crowdicity platform, as well as partnering to create new programs and opportunities to ensure the success of our founders,” said Shelly Bell, Founder and CEO.


We will continue to do the work; here’s a look at our some of our future plans:

This past year and current climate, including the COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustices, recent global economic turmoil, and natural disasters all are having an impact on mental health. As a company that is dedicated to listening, understanding and taking action, we cannot think of a more important issue to tackle with this philosophy. This is why, for our first grant round of our newMedallia.org基金补助金,我们将提供技术,思想伙伴关系和资金,以规模技术 - 一流,创新和以人以人为本的解决方案为防止自杀,促进BIPOC,退伍军人和看护人的健康福祉。更多信息即将推出潮汐基础选择这些非营利性合作伙伴。

We are also one of the inaugural members of theFull Circle Fund’s “Social Justice in a Post-COVID World” Accelerator提供基于资金和技能的志愿服务,以便在努力解决Covid-19对颜色社区的不成比例的健康影响的系统问题解决方案的转向非营利组织。更多信息即将推出,因为我们与FCF合作选择这些非营利组织合作伙伴。



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