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Using AI to Enhance Customer Experience: Capital One’s Guiding Principles

AI-Powered Customer Experience

Here’s how companies can leverage the voice of the customer when building an AI-powered customer experience strategy that aligns with business priorities.

随着品牌和客户之间的谈话,跨越分散的渠道分散在社交媒体,调查,电话等等,以规模倾听客户,曾经是全部但不可能的任务。直到最近。由于技术的新进展,甚至是资本一体的全球企业 - 拥有超过4000万客户,并收到了数百万客户调查与文本响应 - 可以轻拍人工智能(AI),分析闪电快速速度以速度快速速度- 时间决策。

When many brands set out to launch customer listening using AI and machine learning, however, they often think about how they can leverage the voice of the customer to align with their business priorities and deliver key business outcomes. In fact, the most important and more effective approach is to harness the power of this intelligence to drive customer experiences and improve customer outcomes that in turn bring those desired business outcomes and often much more.

“我们是听众,”解释说Anne Louise Mason, Consumer Intelligence at Capital One during the Medallia webinar,Using AI to Help in a Customer Crisis。“It is our job to listen, internalize, and respond to what our customers are telling us, on a broad and individual level.”


“When we think about an environment as big and as complex as Capital One, or as any other business, we realize we are trying to find patterns, and we are trying to make it easy to listen and absorb something that can feel incredibly chaotic,” Mason shared.

AI-Powered Customer Experience

Capital One has been able to uncover trends and emerging patterns in customer experiences, unexpected feedback about the company it hadn’t anticipated, the human emotions customers are feeling at every stage of the customer journey, what’s working (and what’s not) with its app and website, segments of customers that are in critical need of help, and how to better anticipate future customer issues.


#1。是人 - 首先听。专注于客户的声音。

When listening to its customers, Capital One pays attention to the keywords it uses — looking for common themes, the attributes of the conversations — the emotional or personal element of what’s being said, and the overall experience, with the goal of evaluating whether the company has been there for its customers at every step of the journey.

Going beyond just the words people use and digging into understanding the emotional context of every conversation has allowed Capital One to become a better listener, Mason explained.



While in the past companies may have simply become bogged down by the process of reading over millions of comments to figure out what customers are trying to say, AI makes it possible to find out the meaning behind what’s being said quickly, and move on to the next critical step: planning and prioritizing how to respond.




For its part, Capital One is exploring customer feedback analysis across the company. Recognizing that people communicate in a variety of ways, the company is making sure its AI analysis is inclusive and set up to support important regional and language differences, accounting for variations between UK and US English and adding Spanish and French to the languages it analyzes.


资本是利用其客户ins的声音ights to more effectively support customers — including those who may, perhaps for the first times in their lives, be unable to make their payments on time — with a goal of ensuring the company has the right resources to assist them and better position them for financial success.

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